Royal Academy: Rubens and His Legacy, Van Dyck to Cézanne

Rubens and His Legacy brings together masterpieces produced during his lifetime, as well as major works by great artists who were influenced by him in the generations that followed. We see the influence of Rubens in the prints of Picasso and Rembrandt, in the portraiture of Van Dyck, in the hunting scenes and devotional works of Delacroix, and in the landscapes of Constable and Gainsborough. It is a far reaching and remarkable legacy.

Rubens, best known for his fleshy nude women, also embraced a broad array of subjects, from religious and mythological scenes to landscapes and portraits. We look at each of these areas through the lens of six themes; power, lust, compassion, elegance, poetry and violence.


Edwin Landseer, The Hunting of Chevy Chase, 1825-26

Peter Paul Rubens, Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt, 1616.


Eugène Delacroix, Lion Hunt, 1858