This blockbuster exhibition will be the first to examine Frida Kahlo's keen appreciation for the beauty and variety of the natural world.
07.05.2015 | 13:00
Σημειώνοντας ιστορική πρωτιά στο Grand Palais, o Zαν Πολ Γκοτιέ μυεί το Παρίσι στο μαγευτικό του κόσμο με μια έκθεση-ρετροσπεκτίβα.
28.04.2015 | 17:31
This exhibition gathers a select choice of major works which have been key to the development of modernity, and have changed the course of art history in the 20th century.
23.04.2015 | 13:06
Hermès's new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery invites visitors to stroll into Wanderland and celebrate the Parisian concept of the flâneur.
15.04.2015 | 13:06
VOGUE has opened its impressive archive for LUMAS. Discover modern classics and timeless masterpieces that made history with their unique style.
09.04.2015 | 20:00
Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Exhibition Opens in Bonn, Germany
30.03.2015 | 17:00
Το Εαρινό Ράλι Κλασικών Αυτοκινήτων της ΦΙΛΠΑ έρχεται για δεύτερη φορά στις Σπέτσες.
26.03.2015 | 13:00
A four days fashion movie festival begins this week and Elena's diary presents the movies timeline
16.03.2015 | 17:00
The exhibition describes the creativity and stylistic genius of Gianfranco Ferré, the internationaly recognized fashion designer, through the iconic garment of his production: the white shirt.
10.03.2015 | 21:00
The first-ever exhibition on the fashion and interior design of Thea Porter (1927–2000) who pioneered bohemian chic in the 1960s and 1970s.
05.03.2015 | 21:00
Ampatzi's work is inspired by the sacred I AM mantra. "I AM" is a statement of existence. "I AM" represents the choice to live our lives from a place of…
26.02.2015 | 18:00
This exhibition, organized by The Costume Institute in collaboration with the Department of Asian Art, will explore how China has fueled the fashionable imagination for centuries
17.02.2015 | 15:00