"Mascaras are my favorite "little makeup toys". Even when I want to keep things low key, I always sweep a little through my lashes. My favorite this season is Benefit's They're Real! which does exactly what it claims. The only bad thing about this mascara is that it isn't easily removable, resulting in a raccoon effect when you look at yourself in the mirror the next morning. A quick cleanse and you're fine though. Guerlain with its convenient built in mirror, and MAC, are also both favourites. Finally, there's the all time classic battery operated Turbolash by Estee Lauder eyelashes look amazing! I alternate my mascaras depending on my mood." E.M.



Intense lashes give an intensity and a depth to your look so even if you don't tend to use other makeup products, mascara bestows a fresh look in an instant. Almost all of the brands offer various coloured mascaras for those of you who want to play around with looks, just don't overdo it. Remember that mascara can't be removed with just a simple cleansing liquid. It's therefore a good idea to invest in one that contains oils which can dissolve mascaras easily without irritating the eye area. Avoid rubbing your lashes, instead soak two cotton wool pads and place them lightly over your eyes. Wait a while and then wipe.

Grandiose, Lancome, 36.50 euro



Babydoll Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent, 34.58 euro



Βetter Than Sex Mascara, Too Faced, 22.90 ευρώ




Black Ecstasy Mascara, Giorgio Armani, 34 euro



Chantecaille Supreme Cils Mascara, 48.38 euro




Passion Eyes Mascara, Dolce & Gabbana



Νoir G Mascara, Guerlain




Extreme Party Mascara, Bobbi Brown

At Attica stores.


Mineralize Multi Effect Mascara, MAC



Lash Queen Mystic Blacks, Helena Rubinstein, 33.07 euro