The 60th Anniversary Edition of the Series 7 is inspired by the notion that 'opposites attract', a key theme in interior design right now.
27.01.2015 | 21:00
Elena's Diary chooses some interior pieces from some of the greatest greek museums and galleries
20.01.2015 | 21:00
Κάποια από τα πιο εντυπωσιακά και πολυτελή yachts στον πλανήτη διατίθενται προς ενοικίαση, και το Elena's Diary σας παρουσιάζει το κόστος τους ανά εβδομάδα.
18.01.2015 | 12:00
The four "must- have" designs by the legendary designer Pierre Paulin.
08.01.2015 | 21:00
The fashion house launches a line of scents for the home
30.12.2014 | 21:00
As a piece of innovative art 'artists' editions and multiples make the perfect interior gift.
23.12.2014 | 21:00
Elena's Diary stands out unique items that will give another dimension to the interior design of a house through the major galleries in Greece and this week's tour takes you…
16.12.2014 | 20:23
The new object of desire by Hermès is a pen that carries the name of Captain Nemo's legendary submarine
09.12.2014 | 15:00
The most amazing Louis Vuitton piece is the Cindy Sherman 'Studio in a Trunk' - in rainbow hues inspired by her pet parrot Mr Frida, the case is covered in…
25.11.2014 | 18:00
Marisa Schiaparelli Berenson pens an affectionate first-hand account of her grandmother through these hitherto unseen and extraordinary photographs
18.11.2014 | 21:00
A chair inspired by a diamond 
31.10.2014 | 17:21